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Chris Jericho explains why he doesn’t think Brock Lesnar is really a free agent

Chris Jericho has given his thoughts on the big news this week, which was Brock Lesnar being no longer under contract with WWE.

Of course, the former WWE Champion had his contract expire after WrestleMania 36. Since that time, the two sides have been working on a new deal, but recently took a break as they couldn’t agree to terms.

With Lesnar on the free agent market, there’s been speculation about Lesnar’s future whether he returns to WWE, fights again in the UFC or even the possibility of him joining AEW.

While doing an interview with SportsKeeda, Jericho explained that he doesn’t think Lesnar is a true free agent as Vince McMahon can afford to pay him any amount of money he wants.

“The only reason why the rumor’s there is somebody said “free agent”. I don’t think he’s really a free agent at all. I think it would take so much money to pry him away from Vince McMahon on Brock’s end and then for Vince to approve that…I mean, Vince has two billion dollars in the bank. What are you going to spend on Brock Lesnar that Vince isn’t going to match? And Vince and Brock have a strange love affair, to begin with.”

Jericho doesn’t know if Lesnar would be able to pay his salary back in AEW and whether it would be worth it for the promotion or the UFC for that matter.

“I think it’s just another one of the dances that Vince and Brock like to have where Brock’s contract expires, Vince lets it expire, and then they stay away from each other until the next Saudi Arabia show or the next show that has people in the crowd, or WrestleMania, whatever it may be. So I don’t think Brock is really a free agent in the sense of the word, I just think he’s like currently not under contract right now.”

Jericho stated the amount of money it would take to get Lesnar away from WWE would be astronomical. He also doesn’t think McMahon would let that happen and then there’s the question of whether you could make that investment back for any company other than WWE.

The former AEW World Champion put over Lesnar and McMahon for being smart guys who enjoy a good negotiation duel.

Jericho also talked about his feud with Orange Cassidy, having real fans as opposed to virtual fans, MJF, and more. Check out the full interview here.


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