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Chris Jericho explains why he will not be working on the All In show

Chris Jericho is always on the go and sees no as a four-letter word. His recent victory at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Dominion show was an outstanding display of what he is capable of as he transformed himself into a totally different character. Aside from some of his signature moves, it was a new Jericho and fans seem to appreciate his continued efforts to impress as always.

But you’ll be quick to notice Jericho is only popping up to work on NJPW shows in Japan. He didn’t appear at the Strong Style Evolved show and he’s not booked at the Cow Palace event on July 7th even though he could be defending his IWGP Intercontinental Championship.

“I got asked to do [Strong Style Evolved in] Long Beach, I said ‘no.’ I got asked to do Cow Palace, I said ‘no.’ I got asked to do All In, I said ‘no.’ I don’t want to do that,” Chris Jericho said to Inside The Ropes. “You should see how many indie promoters have contacted me over the last six months. … You guys have to understand, this is not just me…it’s a calculated, big money proposition. Big money for me, big money for the company doing it. I’m not going to work anywhere else, unless you want to pay six f-cking figures, I’m not bragging, but this is where we’re at. This is McGregor-Mayweather type s— for me. I’m not saying I’m making $55 million like those guys, but what I’m doing it’s the most I’ve made for the least amount of matches in my entire career. So, it’s very calculated, everything I do has to be very smart.”

Chris Jericho is no stranger to controversy and getting heat. But he still doesn’t want to be on The Chairman Of The Board’s bad side. Y2J continued as he revealed he isn’t working any indie dates in the US, the New Japan events stateside, or even All In due to his respect for Vince McMahon.

“It’s not a matter of just going out and doing indies – and like I said – I always felt like the unwritten rule is I don’t want to go into the states,” Jericho explained. “I felt like that would be a real slap in the face of Vince. Ya know if something ever went down with us, I probably would do a show in the states and we could probably fill the Cow Palace. Jericho and Kenny [Omega] rematch, or whatever it may be. All In, I’d love to be a part of that, but ‘A’ it’s in Chicago and ‘B’…at the risk sounding like an assh-le, but I can’t lower my value by working one of these shows. It’s about picking my spots with the right guys at the right places for the overall contract I’m signing.”

As Jericho continues an amazing career his name is going to be held in an even higher regard for sure. But hopefully, with all of his outside projects, cruise ships, Fozzy concerts, and reign as IWGP Intercontinental Champion he’ll be able to stay in good standing with WWE. It certainly sounds like he’s keeping that in mind which is a great thing for all parties involved.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription


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