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Chris Jericho has donated over $35,000 towards various GoFundMe campaigns including $1,000 to help Paul Orndorff

Chris Jericho might be considered to be the GOAT by many wrestling fans but none of that compares his charitable contributions outside of the wrestling ring. Jericho was one of the first people to donate to Paul Orndorff’s GoFundMe account. He quietly donated $1,000 to Orndorff and he didn’t say a word about it on social media or anywhere else.

This is not an uncommon thing for him. Most of you might be shocked to hear that Jericho has donated a whopping total of $35,500 to various GoFundMe accounts but this is not news to people he’s helped over the years.

Here are just some of his donations:

– $5,000 to help cover the funeral expenses for Balls Mahoney
– $2,500 towards the fundraiser set up by Tyler Breeze and Kevin Owens for the victims of the Alberta forest fires
– $3,000 towards Rico Constantino’s medical bills
– $2,500 towards Rex King’s funeral costs
– $2,500 to help with Jerry Lynn pay for several medical procedures

He has also donated to several non-wrestling related causes and we’ve heard stories over the years that never went public about Jericho quietly helping others.

Jericho is great at what he does in the ring but he should be commended for being one of the truly great people in the wrestling business.

By the way, if you’d like to help Orndorff save his house, please click here to check out his GoFundMe page.

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