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Chris Jericho held nothing back in his latest New Japan Pro Wrestling promo

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Chris Jericho held nothing back in his latest New Japan Pro Wrestling promo

Chris Jericho doesn’t play around when he invests his time into something. Although it took months to build another match in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Jericho made his presence known in a big way by following up on his previous attack on Tetsuya Naito to set up a match at June 9th’s Dominion Show.

Jericho recently cut another amazing promo that was not only filled with expletives, but it also did an amazing job to hype the match further proving Y2J’s excellence in getting heat.

“I read all of the things you’ve been saying about me and I know how you feel and listen, you are one of the greatest performers in the world today, one of the biggest stars in New Japan Pro Wrestling but to me you mean as much as this turtle and just like how this turtle hid his head when Chris Jericho came and stood before him it’s the same you’re going to do and your stupid fans.”

“Naito, I’m gonna f-ck you up,” Jericho said as he continued to deliver a scathing promo on Naito by saying, “I’m not tranquilo, I’m f-cking crazy and I’m going to show you how crazy I can be at Dominion on June 9th.”

This is certainly an interesting side of Chris Jericho but really shows us how far he can take things if he’s simply let off the leash a little bit. However, this kind of promo wouldn’t get past the pitch-phase in a modern-day TV-PG WWE so it’s great that he has this platform to explore a more intense storyline.

One thing is for sure, this promo is making us super excited to see what Y2J has in store in his next match for NJPW.

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