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Chris Jericho: "If I never wrestle another match again, I'm happy with it"

There's an interview up with Chris Jericho that was uploaded this week on YouTube. The interview took place on March 9th. He is currently on tour in the UK.

Jericho talked about the brand he's built and said that wrestling is not the biggest thing in his life, despite what fans may want to think and Fozzy has eclipsed wrestling in his mind.

"I've been very smart over the last ten years in building the Chris Jericho brand, and wrestling is a part of what I do, but it's not by far the biggest thing of what I do by any shape or form. And sometimes that confuses some of my fans, but I really don't care. If I never wrestle another match again, I'm happy with it. I've done all that I ever wanted to do and more. I still like going back from time to time because it's fun. But when other things come up, things that I've been working on for a long period of time, they start paying off, well, then you've gotta be there and spend that time on that as well."

Check out the interview with Jericho below:

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