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Chris Jericho reacts to Triple H saying NXT vs. AEW ratings war was imaginary

Last month, WWE and NBCUniversal announced that they’ve agreed to a new multi-year deal that will keep NXT on USA Network and see the weekly television show move from Wednesday to Tuesday nights. This put an end to the Wednesday Night Wars between NXT and AEW Dynamite

The reason that NXT was moved from the WWE Network to the USA Network was to counter-program Dynamite on TNT. They even started right before Dynamite began to air in 2019.

Triple H referred to the rivalry between AEW and NXT as an “imaginary war” on Wednesday nights during a recent appearance on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg. He said the narrative of an imaginary war, or this imaginary battle is just what people come up with, but WWE looks at everything in entertainment as competition.

In an interview with Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post, Chris Jericho gave his reaction to what Triple H had to say.

“It will be there for the rest of time, it was an ‘imaginary war,’ and if it wasn’t a war why did they take Wednesday night the exact same time that we had? It was there to take away our ratings and for us not to get re-signed. Three months after that started we were re-signed to a hundreds-of millions-of-dollars extension. They failed.”

He continued with, “that’s typical WWE. It’s typical rhetoric. Because I believe that they congratulated us the first week and said, if you remember, ‘It’s a marathon, not a sprint.’ We won the marathon, right? So now it’s an imaginary war. Well, then why were they saying it’s a marathon, not a sprint a year-and-a-half ago when our first rating came out?”

AEW Dynamite had over 1 million viewers in each of its first two weeks after NXT made the move to Tuesdays. From the time the war started until it ended, Dynamite won the majority of weeks in total viewership and key demographic numbers.

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