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Chris Jericho responds to reports of backstage fight with Sin Cara



We reported on Sunday that there was a fight with Sin Cara and Chris Jericho during the European tour. It's still not clear what cause the fight but Jericho sent out an Instagram video where he joked about wanting to be a zombie and if anyone hears something about him biting someone's face off then you can blame it on bath salts. That was likely a reference to the fight with Sin Cara. One person noted that Jericho bit Sin Cara during the fight.

The @MLW twitter account (believed to be run by Court Bauer) posted some tweets referencing Sin Cara as the "linear backstage brawl for all champ" and "the baddest man on the planet." There was also a retweet from the WWE video game that showed Sin Cara standing over Jericho after a K.O. and that drew a response on twitter.

You can see Jericho's tweet below:

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