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Chris Jericho returning very soon; Randy Orton working part-time

Chris Jericho will be working the European tour next month. He will work six dates from 11/10 to 11/15 on the shows headlined by Dean Ambrose. He will be on the shows in Leeds, Glasgow, Smackdown in Liverpool, and some Germany shows. Jericho is doing the shows because he has some time off in between his Fozzy tour.

Jericho has noted on his podcast that he would be returning sooner than later and talked about being happy with his last match with Randy Orton. Of course, his main priority is his band Fozzy. Jericho said that he’s ready to return when he’s off the Fozzy schedule, if it’s something that works for WWE. The Wrestling Observer noted that Randy Orton apparently has a deal now where he’s not working full-time on the road and is doing limited weekends.

The European tour shows with John Cena headlining have Cena vs. Rollins, Show vs. Rusev, and Cesaro vs. Sheamus. The shows headlined by Dean Ambrose have Ambrose vs. Kane, Jericho vs. Wyatt, and Miz vs Ziggler. Randy Orton is only working on the first week of the tour.

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