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Chris Jericho says goodbye & reveals who he was originally set to wrestle at Night Of Champions

Chris Jericho talked about his current run with WWE on his latest podcast. He noted that his last run from April to June of last year was ok but it didn’t have much purpose and that led to him losing a lot but he does what he’s told to do and he doesn’t have an issue with that.

He said that he enjoyed his current run and it had a purpose. He said that he did not agree to come back until it was agreed upon that he would feud with Bray Wyatt. He said that he felt that the last couple of weeks (against Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton) were two of the best matches from his current run. He said that he was originally was supposed to wrestle Seth Rollins at Night Of Champions but Vince McMahon changed it to Randy Orton. He said that he and Orton had great chemistry, great timing, great selling, and loves how he works. He praised Orton for being a pro and feels that with all the talent in the company right now that WWE is in good shape right now.

He also said that he kind of pulled his groin in the match with Orton and said that he’ll be back soon and maybe sooner than you think and would have stuck around longer if it wasn’t for his Fozzy tour.

He has Kevin Smith on this week’s podcast. You can listen below.

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