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Chris Jericho says he's not coming back this year

Chris Jericho has been saying on twitter that he's not coming back this year. He has said that in previous years and that was a smokescreen to make his returns come off as surprises but he could be telling the truth this year since this year's WrestleMania will feature several names from the past and WWE has to watch their budget.

With Batista, and the possibility of appearances by Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior, and Brock Lesnar, WWE will be paying more than usual for talent and factor in that WrestleMania will air on the new network ($9.95/month) they are already taking a financial hit even before paying wrestler salaries. So if Jericho plans on coming back for WrestleMania it would make sense to hold off for a bigger payday next year.

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