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Chris Jericho shares the biggest difference between AEW and WWE

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Chris Jericho made an appearance on “The Kurt Angle Show on” where he gave some insight into his career including comparisons between AEW and WWE where he’s been a top star.

After spending years in WWE, he decided to take a risk by joining AEW in 2019 before they had a television deal where he later became the inaugural AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

“I think the biggest difference right out of the gate is [AEW] is our company. That’s what really appealed to me to go there in the first place,” Jericho stated in regards to the biggest difference between AEW and WWE.

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Jericho recalled how he went to NJPW to work with Kenny Omega and he remembered the beatdown angle where Omega was busted open. He knew he wouldn't be able to do that in WWE, but felt the angle needed that type of intensity in the way of blood.

Jericho noted that that type of intensity adds to the performance and his match with Omega was similar to the one he had with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 19. He also recalled not having an agent for the match with Omega, which was also different from WWE. Also, he had creative control unlike in WWE. He said having that type of freedom made him fall in love with wrestling again.

Jericho also recalled in this interview having to convince Vince McMahon to put over a young John Cena.

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcription