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Chris Jericho was asked who he would like to face in his dream match – here is what he said

Chris Jericho was asked by The Sportsman who he would like to face in a dream match. Throughout Jericho’s over 18-year WWE career, he has faced the likes of Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, The Rock, Steve Austin, and Ricky Steamboat, among many other legends.

However, Jericho recalled a dream he had regarding one person he has never faced.

“I had a dream once that Vince [McMahon] booked me in a match against the Loch Ness Monster. And the finish was, I had to go into his mouth, and I didn’t trust that he was going to not eat me, and I was super scared. [Vince said], ‘You gotta do it; you gotta do it.’ So, there you go. Loch Ness Monster.”

While this would indeed be a match of the ages, just be sure not to get his dream confused with Loch Ness from WCW.

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