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Chris Jericho was involved in a physical altercation with fan after Fozzy concert

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Chris Jericho was involved in a physical altercation with fan after Fozzy concert

Chris Jericho was involved in an altercation with a fan on Sunday night following a Fozzy concert at The Exchange in Regina, Saskatchewan on Sunday night. The incident happened after the fan snuck on the Fozzy tour bus. Dave Meltzer provided details on this morning’s Wrestling Observer Radio.

“He was in Regina, Saskatchewan doing a show last night and after the show, some messed up guy was back there wanting to get into the tour bus. Apparently, a kid did some drum work on the show and the kid wanted to get on the tour bus or get autographs or something like that. This other guy said that he’ll get him on the tour bus. He tries to get him on the tour bus and I guess they don’t want him on. He ends up somehow sneaking on and one of the guys in the crew saw him and they got in the fight.”

Meltzer noted that the guy ended up with a broken collarbone from the fight. He continued, “Jericho gives him a spear and he’s pounding on him from the mount position.”

At one point, Jericho left and then went back and nailed the guy with more punches

Meltzer noted that there were fans there and they tried to hold the guy so that police could get there but the guy got away and the police chased him. Police were able to catch up to him and they arrested the guy. There’s no word on what the charges are against the man but we’ll post updates when we hear more.

Here’s a clip from the concert before the fight happened:


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