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Chris Masters on his run in WWE, returning to the promotion in 2009 and more

Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters recently appeared on Main Event Madness Radio to discuss when he joined WWE as well as returning to the company in 2009 and if he liked his gimmick that WWE gave him. Here are the highlights.

Masters on joining WWE:

"Yea i did, that was a short little stint and I got hurt so quick. Within two months I fractured my ankle and had to have it scoped. So basically after that I took a couple years off and got my body in good shape and came back at 19 and the rest is history and pretty much everything started right there.”

Masters ontraining to be a pro wrestler when he was sixteen-years-old: 

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“[on working at 16] Yea I had to get the [parental] permission and all that but I have to say I wasnt prepared, I was only 16, I wasnt in any kind of physical shape to be doing it either. I just realized when I got there that between that and the injury that maybe I was being a little too ambitious too early and that it would be better suited if I taken a couple years and I focused on a couple other aspects of things and then came back to it.”

Masters on his return to WWE in 2009 and the gimmick that WWE gave him:

"Oh no not at all. What it is is, we did the Crazy Train thing, right? And really what it came down to, is I did that much too well for that segment, because they got a huge pop, and all of a sudden their eyes got big and then they thought it would be clever to do it any chance you could get. I thought it was funny for Crazy Train and then it was maybe funny one other time with Jericho but I would have really preferred not to have that spot of 'okay let's just use him to do that' because that was ridiculous and as a wrestling fan I'd like to think I'm still in touch with the wrestling fan in me and the wrestling fan in me was telling me this is not something I'd like to see on the regular. I loved the Crazy Train one and I love the one with Jericho but leave it at that, and that evolve into something else whether that be me letting my own personality get out rather than narrowing in on one aspect. it's like okay it's not about the pec dances...but narrow minded thinking, I guess just gets you into thinking 'let's just do it a million f***ing times.'"

You can listen to the entire interview down here.