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Christian calls Edge's WWE WrestleMania return one of the "biggest moments in the history of WrestleMania"



Former WWE Superstar Christian recently appeared on WWE's After The Bell w/ Corey Graves. Captain Charisma would discuss a number of topics during the podcast, including his time with WWE Backstage and analysing the current product. With that in mind, Christian would say how he believes that WWE on-air talent and crew have 'stepped up' during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

"I think that under the circumstances? Everybody has stepped up" Christian began. "I think it's an important time and to me WWE is always...there's no offseason. There's no stopping, you know? They're [talent and crew] here for one reason, and that's to entertain the masses and that's what WWE does best."

Christian would elaborate further, saying how he feels it was hugely important for WrestleMania to take place this year, even without a crowd. "I think it was a really important decision for WrestleMania to happen this year, I really believed that it needed to happen."

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The former WWE Tag Team Champion would also refer to his on-screen brother and friend, Edge. "I'm thinking about my best friend who just came back after nine years off" Christian began. "And I know in his head he envisioned coming back in front of 70,000 people in a stadium. But that didn't happen though. But when I watched it? And I still heard his music and I watched him come out and walk down that ramp? I said to myself 'it doesn't matter if there is nobody in this building. It doesn't matter if it wasn't in front of 70,000 people.'"

Christian then described the moment of seeing Edge perform at WrestleMania as one of the biggest moments in company history. "This is one of the best, and biggest moments in the history of WrestleMania, in my opinion. Just from what this symbolises?"

Captain Charisma then discussed some more performers who he felt have upped their game recent. "I think every single performer has stepped up in a different way. I think of somebody like Zelena Vega, who has just raised her stock so much with his. In my opinion? She's killing it. And I think, like you said earlier with Dana Brooke? Same thing. You take maybe not such a perfect situation and you make the best of it."

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