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Christian praises Drew McIntyre's reaction when he fired from WWE



Former WWE Superstar Christian recently appeared on WWE’s After The Bell w/ Corey Graves. Captain Charisma would discuss a number of topics during the podcast, including his time with WWE Backstage and analysing the current product.

One of the points that Christian raised was his friendship with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Christian would praise the Scottish Superstar for how the bounced back from being fired by the company back in 2014.

"Drew McIntyre, he's a guy that's been scratching and clawing you know? He's a guy that loves what he does and takes it seriously" Christian began. "I've never met a guy, or you'd be hard pressed to find a guy, that's worked harder than him to get this credibility, to where he's at in his career right now."

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Christian then discussed his reaction to McIntyre finally winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36. "And I was thinking to myself 'man, I would love to have heard that reaction from an audience when he pinned Brock Lesnar, absolutely.' I mean, in my head I heard it. Because he's a friend of mine, and I've wanted that for him for so long."

Captain Charisma would then talk about the discussions he has had with McIntyre through the years. McIntyre was originally fired by WWE back in 2014, and he pursued his career on the independent scene before finally returning and heading to NXT. "He [McIntyre] and I have had a tonne of discussions over the years" Christian revealed. "So I know how passionate he is and how he wanted to get to this level. I'm interested to see, you know how the reactions are for him when he comes back. I'm sure that they're going to be unreal."

With WWE currently having to gauge fan appeal via social media it will be interesting to see the reaction for McIntyre when crowds are finally allowed back into the arenas. It's likely that with the momentum Drew has that he will be welcomed by rapturous applause when he finally appears in front of a live crowd.

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