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Christian regrets not changing his name when he split with Edge as a tag team

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Former WWE Superstar Christian recently appeared on WWE’s After The Bell w/Corey Graves. Captain Charisma would discuss a number of topics during the podcast, including his time with WWE Backstage and analysing the current product.

One of the points raised during the interview was Christian's time as a singles competitor. Compared to his tag team partner Edge, Christian had more of a mid-card run in WWE following the first breakup of the team in 2001. Although Christian's accolades are impressive, such as becoming Intercontinental, European and Hardcore Champion, he admitted that he found it difficult to transition out of a 'tag team' mindset.

"Yeah, I mean, it was, it was tough. I had a tough time, when I became a singles wrestler" Christian began. "I really did have a tough time transitioning because there's a different mindset. It really is. I was thinking like a tag team guy because as a part of a team? Part of your ego has to go away, because you can't have an individual ego in the team to really make a team work. You can't have any visions of being like 'I'm the main guy in this team.' You can't be like that, you have to be equals and I felt like we [Edge & Christian] had that."

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Christian elaborated further, saying "when I stepped away I very much had the mindset of still being a tag team guy. So when I was trying to envision matches and piece things together? I still very much thought that way. And I put a lot of pressure on myself, maybe too much pressure. I was having a hard time adjusting, I was not confident. When once your confidence goes away? It's tough."

Captain Charisma when discussed the opportunity he got as the Intercontinental Champion. "I had a big opportunity with the Intercontinental Championship. I think back to when the tag team spilt up, I don't think I did myself any favours by not really changing the Christian part of Edge and Christian. I still came out as a guy that look like Christian from E&C. I missed an opportunity there to change that part of me out and be different and to start to be accepted as something different outside of of that."

Christian would go on to have a successful main event run in TNA and when he returned to WWE he won the World Heavyweight Championship after Edge would retire. Still, it's arguable that Christian could've been much more in WWE given his abilities.

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