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Chuck Palumbo comments the end of WCW

Chuck Palumbo, the former WWE & WCW Superstar recently appeared on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast to discuss his newest project, a reality show that rebuilds legendary cars and transforms lives in RUSTED DEVELOPMENT (fka Lords of the Car Hoards) on Discovery Channel every Monday, at 10 PM/ET. Chuck, John and Chad discuss his wrestling career and as well as the final days of WCW. Here are the highlights.

Was it too little too late in regards to pushing younger talent by WCW in 2000:

It’s too bad, because I think it was too little too late for the company. At that time WCW was on the downfall, if they had done it earlier I think that maybe it would’ve been better for business. Hats off to Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff for giving us that opportunity. It was really Vince and Eric who decided to do that, which was alright. I think Eric has a great mind for the business. He has a great mind for television in general. He was always great to me and I had a good time. You hear stuff from other guys that didn’t like him and others guys who did but for me personally I enjoyed it. He gave me opportunities and that’s all I can ask for.

The end of WCW:

I was fortunate enough to work on the last Nitro over down in Panama City and honestly we had heard rumors but no one really got the facts until that night when Shane McMahon walked into the locker-room and introduced himself and gave us a rundown of what was going on. We found out (Gerald) Brisco was in the “gorilla-position” and we knew things were changing. I don’t think anybody including Vince McMahon knew ultimately what his plan was. But that was big in the history of wrestling and it’s cool to have been a part of it.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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