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CJ Parker Discusses Inspirations, NXT Pay, Gimmick & More

Main Event Madness Radio #19 (4/9/15) – PRESS PLAY BELOW AND TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP!

Hosts: Alfonso Marimon, Jon Curry
Special Guest: Joe Robinson f.k.a. CJ Parker in NXT
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Length: 124 minutes 57 seconds
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Main Event Madness sent out the following:

After a 5-week hiatus MEM Host Alfonso Marimon is BACK, and what a week he picked to come back! We had on Former NXT Superstar CJ Parker on the show, and excerpts of the show will be featured below. We opened the show talking the big news of the last week Former WWE Diva’s Champion AJ Lee announcing her retirement from WWE and we gave our opinions and thoughts on her retirement and the state of the WWE Diva’s division going forward and who could get pushed this summer. Also we talked some highlights from this past Monday’s Raw, and what moments stood out to us, as well as the similarities between Neville and WWE Champion Seth Rollins’ match to John Cena’s WWE debut against Kurt Angle.

Former WWE NXT Superstar CJ Parker joined Main Event Mandess Radio, which airs Every Thursday Night at 9:30 pm ET on Spreaker.Com/Shows/MainEvent Madness, and he discussed a wide array of topics ranging from his decision to the leave the Biggest Sports Entertainment company in the world, his future plans, Triple H, Adrian Neville and much more.

On who inspired him to become a wrestler:

“Um I think the biggest thing, when I was growing up, I was 10 years old in 1999, the peak of the Attitude Era, you name them, they inspired me, The Hardy Boys, Edge and Christian, Stone Cold, The Rock, Mick Foley, Triple H, Chris Jericho, everybody, then I started watching, when I knew I was hooked and a huge fan, I would rent all the older, like 94, 95, 96, the stuff that happened a couple years earlier, and I was instantly a fan of Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, guys like that.”

On who came up with his gimmick:

“Oh man, at this point, I don’t even know, I do know if it was my idea, it turned into a team thing, and that’s WWE, everybody puts their hands on it, and that makes things great. It was kind of a combination, I wanted to have dreads and I like to wear alot of bright colors, when I picked my entrance music it was kind of a Jimi Hendrix rip off song, and I think when you see all three of those, and now it’s kind of like the word hippy gets thrown around, it was never a conscious I’m going to be a hippy and they were never like you were going to be a hippy, it just kind of happen but the tweak to be kind of an activist thing was a conscious thing and that was kind of the original idea that we thought a year or so earlier but we didn’t get into it yet, the tweak was a definite, okay you’re going to be heel, and start talking about the world, and how it’s going down the tubes and it’s the NXT Universe’s fault, and once we got to there it started being set ideas and a set plan”

Did NXT talents get a raise in pay as NXT grew?:

“Oh of course, as NXT grew, and what was asked of us also we were compensated more. WWE is a very fair place, they take care of their people, they take care of their family, got nothing bad to say about them.”

Other Topics Covered On This Week’s Show:

  • The Rundown – 5 wrestling topics 10 minutes.
  • Breaking News – Troy Polamalu announcing his retirement from the NFL
  • Feedback from MLB’s opening week
  • Predictions for the NBA Playoff Chase
  • SmackDown moving to USA Network.
  • Much Much more.

Don’t forget to TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP, HIT THE PLAY BUTTON BELOW or if you want to check out the official page of the show, and follow Main Event Madness, visit and all of our shows are on there. Also visit for the latest news on the show going forward. Also as mentioned before, Main Event Madness has a new day and time, we’re LIVE Every Thursday Night at 9:30pm ET.


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