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CJ Perry (Lana) has alot to say about WWE and Vince McMahon

Former WWE star “Lana” CJ Perry took to Instagram this week so she could tell fans to subscribe to her YouTube channel because she will have a lot to say about her time in WWE.

The video on her Instagram account runs 8:30 and is mainly about her release from WWE and her future in pro wrestling.

Perry said that her release was a “really big shock” for her along with the news of the release of other “incredible Superstars” like Ruby Riott, Aleister Black, and Braun Strowman.

“I have a lot of tea to share with you guys,” Perry said. “How do you guys feel about hot glasses of tea? I love hot tea. So please subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on the notifications…”

She went on to thank the fans for their love and support on social media and she said that the fans have helped her through “some parts that I definitely have cried.” She said that her husband Miro did cartwheels when he got his release from WWE.

Perry continued, “I really really can’t wait to tell you guys a lot of stuff.”

Then she joked about having storyline ex-husbands (Bobby Lashley) and storyline ex-girlfriends (Liv Morgan) to thank.

Perry continued, “It’s freedom, a little bit of freedom. The face of a thousand decisions I never made and I have to say it’s a little bit of freedom knowing that I can be the face that I wanna be. I can stand up and speak up for truth, I can stand up for things that when people are exploited and a lot of things…”

She also said that there’s a lot of things that she is grateful for but she’s had different emotions since her release and at one point she was so happy that she was doing cartwheels but now she’s weeping.

She continued, “Subscribe to my YouTube on Monday I’m releasing quite a bit so stay tuned. I cannot wait. I love you guys. Of course, there’s hard times. I have a lot of unsettled business. I don’t want to give up what I love so much. I love wrestling, I really love wrestling. I’ve cried a lot about it because I don’t want any person to determine my destiny, not a billionaire, not a Vince McMahon, not anyone. I’m very thankful for the opportunities but man, no one is going to determine my destiny…”

“I could keep on going and going because you guys know I love talking, which I haven’t been doing a lot because WWE has not been giving me a microphone but you know, thankfully I’ve been able to go out there and wrestle for a year.”

Perry added that she got to wrestle more than any other woman on Raw in 2020 and she’s not giving up on wrestling.

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