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Clearing up Dave Meltzer's report about CM Punk

There's some negative reaction from a segment of wrestling fans being directed at Dave Meltzer because of the report from yesterday about CM Punk coming back to Raw. The deal is this... Dave said he heard the news from a source and the source is one of the biggest names in the industry. The source could have gotten worked by someone or the source could have been outright lying to Meltzer. There's no way of knowing. Or...the source could have been correct and then things changed before Raw went on the air. Perhaps Punk verbally agreed to return and changed his mind.

Regardless, when Meltzer talked about Punk yesterday on Wrestling Observer radio he did say that there's a chance he might not be on Raw and his words were "we'll see."

Today he wrote, " I expect C.M. Punk to be there as well, but that's not a guarantee. "

So, Dave was not saying 100 percent that he'd be there. Things change and sometimes sources can be wrong. It happens. Dave has an excellent track record and breaks more news than anyone so he deserves to be cut some slack. That's all from me tonight.

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