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Cliff Compton talks about debuting as Deuce N' Domino in WWE and Chris Benoit

cliff compton

Former WWE star Cliff Compton recently spoke with Mark Suleymanov of Here are the highlights.

Debuting as Deuce N' Domino: “It was tough because we were supposed to have six vignettes prior to us debuting and then that got scratched at the last second. So we debuted 'cold' as they would say so no one knew who the hell we were. It was kinda tough at first. Instead of, like, Jesse and Festus who had 25 vignettes [before they debuted].”

Chris Benoit: “Chris Benoit, I know he ended up a lot differently, but he used to take all the new guys and mentor them all. He'd take new guys under his wing, teach you stuff, he was one of the guys who looked out for me when I was there. Obviously, s**t hit the fan with him but other than that, he was a good guy.”

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Working for ROH: “They claim to be the best wrestling on the planet and I think they do put the best show on and I don't just that because I wrestle there. I think they put the best show on from an entertainment standpoint, in-ring quality, it's a cool show.”

You can read the entire interview here.