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Closed door meeting today at Raw with Vince, Steph, and Triple H, new team to debut?

According to reddit user (backstage WWE worker) MetsFan4Ever, the word from backstage at Raw is that they have the first vignette for The Ascension and it is ready to air tonight. The word is that it has played multiple times today in the production truck and Kevin Kunn has looked at it and made a few fixes. As of now the video is to everyone’s liking. There has been talk of holding the vignette off for the NXT special next week.

The Ascension wrestled a match on WWE Main Event and the word, for weeks, has been that they would be called up to the main roster soon.

The mood backstage is said to be very tense and everyone is doing their best to stay away from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. There was a long closed door meeting today with Triple H, Stephanie, and Vince McMahon.

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