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CM Punk and Hulk Hogan exchange heated words over last night’s NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game

Hulk Hogan recently spoke to ESPN about the NHL Stanley Cup Finals between Chicago Blackhawks and the Tampa Bay Lighting. Game three was last night and Hogan told ESPN that Chicago was “in a whole bunch of trouble” for the game.

“Chicago’s in a lot of trouble,” Hogan said. “I’m going home this week, and I think I’m going to have a little talk with some of the Lightning guys. Chicago’s in a whole bunch of trouble, brother.”

CM Punk took offense to these comments and responded by saying the following:

“Normally the less said about Hulk Hogan the better, but he spoke my name first,” Punk exclaimed. “The Tampa Bay organization should be embarrassed for hitching their trailer to such a piece of garbage that pronounced the captain’s name wrong, and then called coach John Cooper, John Connor! Ladies and gentlemen, we’re in Chicago and we’re real hockey fans and we want the cup! Tampa Bay’s going down!”

See the video down below:

Hogan then responded on Twitter about Punk’s words:


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