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CM Punk confirms under oath what “CM” stands for

CM Punk took the witness stand today in his trial where Dr. Chris Amann is suing him for libel seeking $1 million in damages. Things don't seem to be wrapping up at this point as the trial enters its fourth day.

If you're a longtime fan of CM Punk then you know what the CM in his name stands for. But if you asked him before he usually wouldn't tell you the truth. I've heard Punk say plenty of things when asked what the "CM" stands for but all that changed when he was in a court of law.

Gregory Pratt from the Chicago Tribune reports Phil Brooks admitted the CM in CM Punk stands for "chick magnet" and this dates back to way before he ever laced up his boots in WWE or even ROH.

The Second City Savior was actually in a tag team called The Chick Magnets with CM Venom back in his backyard days that later transitioned into starting his own wrestling company called Lunatic Wrestling Federation due to the popularity of their matches.

It's interesting to have this finally settled so we can move onto unlocking the next great pro wrestling mystery whatever that might be.

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Punk went on to speak about the evolution of his character and friendship with Colt Cabana. He said they were attracted to each other because they were polar opposites.

He also explained the straight edge aspect of his character and what it meant to him. While taking a chance to explain his own unique view of the pro wrestling landscape.

WrestleZone reports CM Punk admitted he was bitter at this time but is a different person now. He said he did not see a medical report for himself nor was he copied in on one through an email. He said that he was sick all over and vomited after every match leading up to the 2014 Royal Rumble.

CM Punk said he would have fits of crying as he revealed, “I’d be in catering, one sec fine, next welling up” while admitting that he was sure he wasn't much fun to be around during that time.

They brought up lines from the podcast concerning the 2013 European tour where he was knocked for a loop by Luke Harper. Punk confirmed Dr. Samson talked to Punk about concussion and he was the only doctor to treat him in Europe when he was given a Z-Pak. So he wasn't talking about Dr. Amann in that instance of misfortune.

Only time will tell how this turns out for CM Punk, but as this trial drags through its fourth day of trial you have to wonder what they will reveal next.