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CM Punk doesn't watch much wrestling these days but he's a big fan of The New Day

CM Punk doesn’t watch much wrestling these days but he’s a big fan of The New Day

CM Punk did a Q&A at a special screening of "They Live." The screening was done last month to celebrate the life of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

He talked about Kofi Kingston recently being at his house. Punk and Kingston were traveling partners in WWE. Punk says that he only watches New Day segments. Punk noted that he was always pushing WWE to let Kofi and Big E do something. He didn't mention Xavier Woods because he didn't get a chance to know him, probably because Xavier was still in NXT.

He said that they got over because they're doing their own thing. He said that in order to be successful then you just have to reach the point when you just don't give a f*ck. Punk also said that the fans can see that they are really having a good time and that The New Day segments are the most he's watched from the current WWE product.

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He talks about The New Day in the first video and he talks about Roddy Piper in the second video below:

Thanks to Josh for sending us the clips.