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CM Punk is "absolutely" interested in returning to pro wrestling, still open to talks with AEW and WWE

CM Punk

The CM Punk speculation continues to swirl but, as of now, he has not signed with any wrestling company. In fact, despite reports to the contrary, Punk is telling people that he has not signed with FOX to be on the WWE Backstage show and there have been no talks with people in WWE about returning to the ring.

During an interview with "My Mom's Basement" podcast, Punk was asked if he was interested in returning to pro wrestling.

"Absolutely," Punk said. "For five years I've always been asked that question. No matter what I say, it gets reduced to clickbait and it gets warped. I've gone through some many iterations of people saying, 'Oh, Punk hates wrestling.' None of that was ever the case. I think I've always been open to it. My attitude has always been that I don't see it happening. I think I've talked about it more recently, but my attitude hasn't changed. People always ask what would it take to go back, and I say it would take a big bag. So people use their imaginations."

Punk added that he feels that both major wrestling companies, WWE and AEW, have taken advantage of rumors that have been out there. He said, "Whenever a mystery opponent is announced they'll think it is CM Punk. There is nothing wrong with them trying to do that. They texted me second-hand an offer and I was like 'real offers only, please.' "

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In regards to the door being open to signing with AEW, Punk said, "How many shows have they had? There is not a lot of content out there for me to be able to watch," Punk said. "I like The Young Bucks, I what they are doing, it is very punk rock."

"I'm that white whale in pro wrestling. I don't know if that freaks people out on how to approach me, it is what it is. I'm open to the idea, I haven't been approached properly. I'm not courting anyone to show up with a dozen roses at my front door. "

Punk also said that Master P. (the new owner of New York-based House of Glory) has also reached out to him through Instagram.

He went on to say that he has always been a fan of pro wrestling and then he went on to talk about some of his favorite matches, including the Ricky Steamboat vs. Steve Austin match from WCW Clash of the Champions.

So, it looks like Punk is still open to offers from WWE, AEW and elsewhere but it has to be the right offer. Triple H has said in interviews that he is open for business. No word on if AEW is open to talking with Punk again.

h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.