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CM Punk is not the only former WWE star to criticize WWE's handling of injuries

For anyone doubting CM Punk's story about being cleared to get back in the ring over the phone by WWE's doctor, well this isn't the first time this has come up. Charlie Haas said similar things back in 2010 about Dr. Joseph Maroon. He is the WWE doctor from Pittsburgh that WWE uses for their talent. Here's an excerpt from the story that was originally written at

In January of this year, Charlie Haas himself suffered a serious neck injury in WWE during a match with Drew McIntyre. As a lifelong amateur and pro, Haas knew all about neck injuries, but this one was different. He got an MRI, which showed “mild to moderate” herniation of two disks, the C-6 and the T-1. He was told to undergo physical therapy and, if that didn’t work, to consider major spinal fusion surgery.

Haas shipped the MRI images from his Dallas home to the Pittsburgh clinic of Dr. Joseph Maroon, WWE’s resident neurologist and medical director (who also works for the Pittsburgh Steelers and serves on the National Football League’s now-discredited concussion policy committee).

In his only remark to me that could be termed directly critical of WWE, Haas said, “Maroon told me, ‘You had a stinger [a common and casual neck nerve irritation]. You’re good to go.’ And I’m thinking, ‘How can he make that diagnosis from Pittsburgh?’”

Haas had physical therapy but it didn’t take. On February 26, 2010, WWE cut him. He is a realist: he knows that he was always typecast as a “utility wrestler,’”technically skilled and able to make the top guys look good and to teach the younger guys how to work. As a non-main eventer, he was prone to release.

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