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CM Punk met with AEW’s Tony Khan and was offered a lot of money, latest on potential WWE in-ring future

The big news this week is CM Punk’s appearance on WWE Backstage on Tuesday night. There’s a lot of speculation on what will happen next. At this point, there are no signs pointing towards Punk wrestling for WWE one would assume that this WWE Backstage gig would open a door for him to have talks with WWE management.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that Punk was offered a lot of money by AEW. “What I can tell you about negotiations with Punk are that Punk did, in fact, negotiate with AEW,” Alvarez said.

He continued, “CM Punk met in person with Tony Khan about AEW and they offered him a lot of money and he ended up this WWE on FOX gig. What does that mean? I don’t know. It could mean that CM Punk does not, in fact, have any interest in actually wrestling. It could be that CM Punk wants to continue doing what he’s doing in his life [and] he’s over the in-ring aspect of it.”

It was made clear by the people at Fox Sports that Punk will be a special correspondent and he is not going to be on WWE Backstage full-time so he won’t be there every week. I guess, if you are one to hold out hope on AEW signing Punk, it’s still possible but that door seems closed…at least while he’s loosely affiliated with WWE again.

Something worth noting is that WWE did not go out of their way to call too much attention to Punk on their website last night. They put up a story and it was not featured front and center on the home page of Instead, the story was pushed down below the main headlines. They sent out one tweet on Punk and nothing else has been said about him by WWE throughout the rest of the day. Perhaps there is nothing to read into that but it is interesting that WWE did not make a bigger deal out of Punk joining the Backstage crew. As previously noted, Punk is being paid by Fox and not WWE.

Punk has not completely shut out the possibility of wrestling again. He has said in recent interviews that although he has not had talks with Triple H, Vince McMahon or anyone in WWE, he is willing to listen but whatever is offered to him has to be a lot of money and he has indicated that he is not looking for a full-time schedule.

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