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CM Punk nearly gets in a fight with MTV cast member, WWE tells wrestler to change finishing move

Former New York Giants Wide Receiver Victor Cruz was on Hot 97 Radio. Cruz is the host of MTV’s “The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros.” He talked about an incident involving CM Punk, who was a guest star on the show, and cast member Johnny Bananas.

Cruz said, “Johnny Bananas, he’s the guy that gets under everyone’s skin. So he tried to do that to CM Punk. He said ‘the last time you was in the UFC it didn’t go so well.'” He continued, “CM Punk got hot, he was livid and he was almost nose to nose and about to square off and they wanted me to come over there and be like ‘hey guys break it up.’ Cruz said that he wasn’t going to get involved. Frankly, I don’t blame Punk on this.

Cruz talks about the incident in the video below:

Kairi Hojo, who we talked about last week as agreeing to sign with WWE, is still finishing up with Stardom before she heads to Orlando. Dave Meltzer reported that she has been told to come up with a new finisher because her elbow drop is being used as one of Bayley’s signature moves. Bayley is using the elbow drop as a tribute to “Macho Man” Randy Savage.


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