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CM Punk on the “Punk” chants, says Vince’s apology was fake, will he wrestle again?

CM Punk is back this week on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast. Colt noted that the server crashed last week and they got over 10,000 emails which was not expected. There was less wrestling talk than last week but Punk still touched on a lot of things. We’ve broken this recap up in separate pages.

Punk talked about the name “CM Punk” and having it since he was a teenager. He knows it’s a weird deal and is not exactly sure what people should call him but he’d rather be called CM Punk unless you know him personally. Then you can call him Phil. He did say that it’s a weird deal with the biopolar wrestling business where everyone calls each other by their fake names and it’s strange and it’s weird.

Punk didn’t feel that the podcast last week would be as big of a deal as it turned out to be.

Colt asked if there was anything Punk didn’t cover last week. Punk says that he feels he covered everything and doesn’t want to rehash stuff because he doesn’t want to come off like the bitter wrestling guy.

He talked about the “CM Punk” chants when AJ Lee is wrestling. He said that he stopped watching his own wrestling matches a long time ago. He doesn’t watch the product now but he will watch his wife’s matches. He’d rather if fans chanted her name instead. Colt noted that there were some AJ chants on Monday. Punk said that’s good. He asked fans to please not chant “CM Punk” at his friends and just chant it at the guys that suck and wear lifts in their boots.

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