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CM Punk reacts to WWE fans still chanting his name at events

CM Punk left the professional wrestling world back in January of 2014, just after that year’s Royal Rumble, due to several issues with the WWE. Ever since, Punk has begun a career in the world of mixed martial arts – as both a fighter and commentator – as well as a comic book writer and actor.

Despite having been away from the world of professional wrestling for almost five years, Punk’s name has still been continuously chanted at shows. Speaking to The Associated Press recently to promote his upcoming MMA commentary debut for Cage Fury Fighting Championships, Punk was asked about this.

Punk called fans still chanting his name at events a “powerful” thing:

“You stop it and five years later people still talk about you? Fans still chant your name? That’s powerful to me.”

The former WWE Champion was, of course, asked about a professional wrestling return. Punk seemed to not want to answer the question directly, as he said people get mad when he says anything about it:

“I don’t pay attention. People seem to get upset when I say that.”


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