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CM Punk reportedly not progressing with MMA, UFC debut in doubt?



There are questions being raised by fans regarding CM Punk's UFC debut. The original plans were for him to debut last year during the summer. Then plans changed and the new plan was for Punk to debut on the 6/4 show in Los Angeles but those plans were halted because he had to undergo back surgery. Punk is a hard worker but the word on him is that he has not progressed well as a fighter.

He has done live sparring at Roufusport in Milwaukee and there have been all kinds of rumors going around about the sparring sessions but the one thing that is certain is that he has not fared well. Punk's training has been delayed because of shoulder and back injuries from the years of pro wrestling. They have been shooting footage on him for an eventual reality show on FS1 that would help promote his fight with 24-year old Mickey Gall but there's no word yet on when it will air. We've known for months that Punk's first fight would be against Mickey Gall and when/if he fights, the expectation is that Gall would probably run through him.

The interesting thing is that UFC hasn't been talking about him at all in recent weeks and he's been keeping a low profile away from the media. Punk should get credit for even making the attempt at becoming a fighter so late in the game and he's been very adamant about proving critics wrong. It will be interesting to see what happens because he has indicated that he will definitely fight this year but he may be in a situation where he may not be ready and at 37 years old, the door may have closed for him to prove critics wrong.

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Gall asked Punk if he wanted to fight at UFC 200 in July but there has been no indication from Punk or UFC about a fight in July.

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