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CM Punk reveals when he was free from WWE, Urijah Faber comments on Punk

CM Punk was at the start of the UFC post-fight and answered some questions from the press. At the press conference he said that his deal with WWE was settled on October 22nd. From that day he was free to sign with anyone. He said that this deal was in the works for weeks and the decision to sign with UFC was an easy one.

As noted earlier, the big announcement that was planned at last month's "The Time Is Now" event was supposed to be CM Punk. Punk confirmed that and said that the announcement wasn't made because the deal wasn't signed in time. Punk said "I"m staying the f*ck off Twitter. Staying away from the negativity for now."

Punk said again that he's looking for a training camp and says that he won't be cherry picking training partners. He noted that he would have not meant as much if he fought elsewhere and the big money is for his first UFC fight. He ended the interview by thanking the fighters at UFC 181 and thanked them for allowing him to answer questions before they came out for the press conference.

Also at the press conference, Urijah Faber was asked about his thoughts on CM Punk signing with UFC. Faber says that he's a big fan of his and said that he supports him and you never know if someone can come in and be a good fighter. He said that maybe Punk would one day be a champion.

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