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CM Punk says first MMA win would mean more than winning his first WWE title



It's almost time for UFC 225 and we are just hours away from CM Punk stepping into the Octagon for his second MMA fight. Punk is doing the media rounds to promote the fight and he recently spoke with Steven Muehlhausen.

"Oh, yeah," Punk said when he was asked if preparing for this fight means more to him than being told he would win. "One, someone said, 'Hey, you’re going to win this.' When I win, it’s going to be because of hard work and dedication from my coaches, my teammates and myself. I think anything you do on your own, so to speak, I think, is worth more than something that is maybe looked upon as gifted to you or handed to you."

Punk will be the opener on UFC 225 against Mike Jackson. We will have complete coverage of his fight here on The full chat with Punk is up at

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