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CM Punk says he wouldn't accept a White House invite from Donald Trump: "A racist is a racist"

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk spoke with FanSided MMA ahead of his big fight at UFC 225 on Saturday night. Punk talked about weight cutting, his preference on whether he would rather have the early morning weigh-ins or the old style of weigh-ins.

Punk was also asked if he would accept an invitation to the White House if he was invited.

"Number one, I would not be invited. Number two, no I would not go," Punk said.

"If David Duke invites me over for tacos, I'm not going to David Duke's house. Come on. I call it like I see it. A racist is a racist. I don't care if you're in the White House [or if] you live down the street from me. I'm not hanging out with you."

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Punk will be in the opening fight on the UFC 225 card on Saturday night. Punk's team is confident that he has made big strides since his last fight and he has indicated that he would fight again after this fight. It will be interesting to see how everything turns out. UFC 225 will air live on pay-per-view on Saturday at 10 pm eastern.