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CM Punk scheduled for Chicago meet and greet the day before All In

CM Punk hasn’t had much to do with the pro wrestling business since his exit from the 2014 Royal Rumble but this new announcement might give fans a small sliver of hope that he could be locking it up in the ring once again.

One Hour Tees recently announced CM Punk will be doing an autograph signing and meet and greet on August 31st which just so happens to be the day before All In.

Seeing how CM Punk will be around anyway some might be inclined to believe The Second City Savior could be inserted into the Young Bucks and Cody Rodes’ All In event which takes place the next night just a few miles away.

Let’s also not forget Chicago is still CM Punk’s hometown and booking him for All In would be an incredible way of raising the chances of a sell out crowd.

Although there hasn’t been any type of announcement about CM Punk wrestling just yet, just the fact Punk is doing this meet and greet is incredibly interesting enough to get our hopes up in a big way.


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