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CM Punk: “sobriety is very fragile” and WWE should not exploit Jeff Hardy’s substance abuse history

CM Punk gave his additional thoughts on the latest angle involving Jeff Hardy on WWE television.

Last week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown opened and closed with the arrest angle for “DUI” involving Jeff Hardy after he hit Elias with a car only to return in the main event segment.

Some fans praised the segment while others thought it was in bad taste due to Hardy’s real-life issues of being arrested for a DUI and public intoxication as recently as last year.

During his appearance on WWE Backstage, Punk gave his take. He started out by talking about how he’s worked with Hardy in the past and even back then, Hardy was not in a great spot in his life both mentally and physically. He stated that everyone knows about Jeff’s past and his problems.

“My thing with this segment and this story is that I believe somebody’s sobriety is very fragile and very important. We discussed whether they should do this with Jeff or shouldn’t do this with Jeff. We talk about how Jeff was okay with it. Maybe, it’s his idea, he green-lit it, thumbs up.”

Punk continued by stating how it comes down to the responsibility of those in charge to get in front of the idea and say that they wouldn’t do that to Hardy again or even put him in that position.

“I think cleaning your life up and being sober is something to be proud of. We can champion that in different ways. I think this is the wrong way to go about it. You just don’t put him in front of that moving car.”

After the panel gave their thoughts about, Punk pointed out and Booker T agreed that doing these types of angles never works out. Booker T would go on to talk about why it’s not good for anyone as it’s something you don’t play with.


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