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CM Punk still focused on UFC 225 fight in spite of trials' distractions

The trial between Dr. Chris Amann and CM Punk is finally closed and as Punk and Cabana dust themselves off and carry on there could always be a chance this lawsuit might have opened up a couple different ways to carry on with more legal action down the line. Of course, CM Punk is likely tired of sitting in courtrooms and that would be totally understandable as well.

But as we look back at this case it's pretty clear nothing was really mended in regards to WWE's relationship with the Second City Savoir. If anything, it brought up old grievances once again.

"It cost him time, it cost him money you know 3 years legal fees in something like this I can't imagine," Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. "I just wonder you know with Cabana. I mean Punk probably, again the legal fees probably added up to a good deal of money I don't want to estimate but I've been in legal situations too and it adds up pretty quick and it's a lot of money and it's an annoyance and things like that."

Not only did it hurt CM Punk, but Colt Cabana might have been damaged even more because even though he does well for himself, his name has never brought in the kind of money CM Punk's ever did.

Now Punk must remain focused for his fight against Mike Johnson at UFC 225 to make sure his MMA career isn't a victim of this case as well. He doesn't have a lot of time to train and needed to relocate the crucial final touches in his regiment to Chicago from Milwaukee which is never a good thing when you're trying to build toward a big fight.

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He was cutting weight during the final days of the trial training and staying in shape before and after the trial every day but it wasn't the same. "He knows the stakes he is in and this is a big, big deal to him obviously" Meltzer continued. "He's a dedicated, hardworking guy. I mean the one thing all those guys in the Rufus Camps say about him is that he had no ego, he didn't come across like a star, he learned from the ground up, and he worked really really hard. All the clips you see of him he worked really hard, he tried. He's out of his league in this sport obviously, they put him in a situation where maybe he wins maybe he doesn't."

It was noted that if CM Punk wins his UFC 225 fight it might not matter because UFC possibly can't find someone else who isn't a fighter to face him. After all, Punk's opponent Mike Jackson is a journalist. It was also said if Punk loses then he might not get another UFC fight but he'll still get MMA bookings because Bellator and other smaller promotions will most likely want to bring him in.

But if Punk loses his fight on Saturday in Chicago it might open the door for CM Punk to blame the trial. "If he loses the fight, especially if it's a close fight I mean I think that in his mind that if he loses a fight that's somewhat competitive he might be thinking that you know this stress at the end may have made a difference."

Hopefully, CM Punk will win his fight giving him two amazing victories in the same week. But he has stated that he has no interest in returning to pro wrestling and even said he's not All In after the trial was all said and done.

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