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CM Punk talks about his transition from pro wrestling to MMA and his UFC debut

WATCH: CM Punk train with Rener Gracie and working on his jiu-jitsu

CM Punk recently talked to the Associated Press about the build-up to his UFC debut. Punk explained in this interview that MMA is new to him and he understands that everyone has an opinion of his move from pro wrestling to MMA. 

“This is new to me,” Punk told AP reporter Dan Gelston of his MMA training. “It’s not the same old boring (stuff) that I’ve been doing for God knows how long. People are talking about it. Some people are upset, some people love it, some people think it’s inspirational. I’m pretty sure everybody has an opinion on it.”

Punk added that this is not a one fight, and he’s done fighting, but rather a career for him.

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“I didn’t move up to Milwaukee, I��m not training my ass off and getting hurt, going back into the gym just so I can one-and-done it,” Punk said. “This is what I do now.”

Punk is rumored to fight Mickey Gall at UFC 199, but Punk wants to fight at UFC 200 in July.

“There’s part of me that cares because UFC 200 is going to be a big deal,” Punk said. “I’ve spoken to Dana about it, trying to figure out what’s best for both parties. It’s just a smarter business decision.”