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CM Punk talks about WWE, will he wrestle again, what he likes and dislikes about the product, Jim Ross, more


Renee Young interviewed CM Punk this week on WWE Backstage.

Young asked Punk what brought him back into the world of wrestling. Punk said this job didn't exist 6 months ago and it was offered to him. He said his reaction was that it could be interesting and things snowballed from there.

Punk said he thinks wrestling and what he is doing now are two completely different things. He confirmed that he has not talked to anyone in WWE and this is strictly a deal with FOX. He said, "I get to criticize the product and that's something I've always done."

Punk said he feels that maybe now he can find his way in the business and there's a lot of things that are broken. He feels the fans need someone who can tell it like it is because he is not worried about being "jobbed out, suspended, sent to TV and told I'm not needed." He said he will talk about the good and bad stuff.

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Punk said he hated when the WWE office would work the wrestlers so he wasn't a fan of the secrecy leading up to his appearance on Backstage last week. They showed some footage of Punk making his way to the FOX Sports studios last week before his surprise appearance.

Punk said that he felt he mastered wrestling and felt he was good than everybody else and nothing phased him but the fact that he is nervous now makes him think that this gig will be fun. He joked that he could get fired.

Punk said his inner circle is very small these days and he said that acquaintances have fallen to the side. 10 to 12 people (including Renee Young) knew about Punk's appearance last week. He said that he doesn't have to work with jerks. Punk said Jim Ross reached out to him and said that he regularly talks with JR.

Will we see Punk back in the ring? Punk said he hasn't talked to anyone in WWE and it's not something he's actively pursuing but he's 41 so he has learned not to say "no" but it's a bridge that needs to be built. He said there are hurdles. He made it clear that he didn't want to get anyone's hopes up regarding an in-ring return so it doesn't sound like he will get back in the ring anytime soon.

Punk said today's product is the same as when he left it and wrestling can be much better and much more than what it is. He said things in WWE are overproduced and micromanaged. He said there's a lot wrong but he sees bright spots. He doesn't like the forced "women's revolution" thing and feels they can show what they can do. Punk also said he likes the "NXT thing."