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CM Punk updates; Rumor killer on fans being ejected

There’s a ridiculous rumor going around twitter that fans were ejected last night during Raw because they were chanting CM Punk’s name. The rumor was made up by someone on twitter and WWE did not eject anyone from Raw last night.  With that being said, here are some CM Punk related notes from last night…

– Randy Orton was told to talk faster than usual on his promo and not do any pauses and ignore CM Punk chants. I believe they also turned the sound down because reports we got were that the chants were actually louder than they sounded on TV.

– Punk was replaced by Kane in the opening Raw package.

– Punk was also replaced on the Raw graphic in the WWE app. He was replaced by John Cena.

– A clip of Punk was removed from the WWE Countdown clip that aired promoting the WWE Network.

As we mentioned last night, no one in WWE has heard anything from CM Punk and the people that might know anything (Triple H and Vince McMahon) are not talking so there is no word if Punk has made contact with them.

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