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CM Punk was out of his league during UFC 225 for good reason

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CM Punk was out of his league during UFC 225 for good reason

CM Punk is an inspiration to a lot of people. The Second City Savior has always found his own path through life and it’s treated him pretty well so far. But his two losses in the UFC are huge blemishes to his record of success and might end up being an unavoidable fact that he might need to apply his efforts elsewhere.

He showed real guts and determination as he battled Mike Jackson for three rounds but lost in a decision in the end. Dana White didn’t seem to be happy with either fighter after the event as he criticized Jackson’s effort in the Octagon and said CM Punk is finished in UFC.

“I’ve seen very few guys that are less suited for being in the UFC than Punk,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “He didn’t look good, he didn’t look like he belonged.”

Punk has been through a ton of adversity in the last few years, especially the past few weeks. His stand-up game didn’t show anything worth nothing and his ground game wasn’t crisp enough either. He just didn’t have the skills in Chicago to win that fight and quite frankly neither did his opponent.

But even though Punk might have lost this big fight at UFC 225 that doesn’t mean he’s quitting because there could always be other offers to fight elsewhere. But Dana White’s comments about CM Punk left little to interpret because it looks like his days in UFC are done. He just went through an emotionally exhausting experience and preparing for an MMA fight should be exhausting enough as it is.

It can’t be easy to prepare for a UFC Fight while you’re fighting for your life in a multi-million-dollar defamation lawsuit and Punk proved that. But Punk thanked the fans and considers this a week where he won a battle and lost another. It looks like Punk will continue on where ever that road takes him.

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