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CM Punk on his WWE contract expiring, possibly fighting for UFC, Ultmate Warrior, attending UFC events, texting Vince McMahon at 4am, Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, and more

CM Punk did an interview with Ariel Helwani today.

CM Punk confirmed that his contract is up in a few months.

“It’s weird, because I don’t ever sleep and I know he doesn’t either, so I’ll text him at like 4 in the morning…He gives me insomnia tips sometimes.” Punk said, “It’s funny…It’s weird because I go through a cycle where I just kind of stay out of the way and I don’t talk to anybody, but then I realize I do have this ability to communicate with Vince McMahon – the guy I used to watch commentate. You know, so it’s weird, so then I’ll just hit him with a bunch of weird questions.”

He also talked about the Ultimate Warrior going into the Hall of Fame and mentioned that people seem to think Hulk Hogan would induct him but Punk offered to do it since he likes Warrior and while Warrior and Punk have never met, they do talk. ” He’s a lot like me; he doesn’t like anybody. And everybody who ever worked with him has pretty much just talked sh*t about him”

Punk said that the Michelle Beadle incident was “horsesh*t”. Beadle said “what’s up f*ckface” and then high-fived one of the girls. That’s what caused AJ Lee to set her straight.

Punk talked about this weekend’s UFC card in Chicago. He said that Dana White might be a little unhappy with his comments but he’s a little disappointed with the card and wishes there were some women on it.

Punk talked Brock Lesnar wanting to return to UFC, the “itch” to have an MMA/UFC fight, Ronda Rousey, Dave Batista, Triple H, Eve Torres, Stephanie McMahon, the Daniel Bryan “YES” chants being taken from Diego Sanchez, being #1 in the Royal Rumble, and much more.

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