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CM Punk’s agent reached out to WWE, what Vince McMahon said about him

There was more on CM Punk in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. As previously noted, people in WWE are negative on the idea of Punk wrestling for them again.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Observer that Vince McMahon has labeled Punk as the “one man I just can’t do business with.” It was said that nobody at the top level in WWE, including Paul Heyman, has argued against this and they have not pushed for Vince to sign Punk.

It was noted in the Observer that Punk’s agent did try to open a conversation with WWE and was turned down. Another thing worth noting is that WWE no longer mentions Punk on their shows when they plug the Backstage show. That may have to do with Punk’s jabs at the company on social media.

Punk’s gig on Backstage was done through FOX Sports and WWE gave their blessing as a concession to not make waves in their relationship with the network since FOX is paying so much for the rights for SmackDown. Punk’s role on Backstage is limited to just one show per month.

Even people in the company who would say that a one-time appearance at WrestleMania would be good business have said that Punk devalued himself with his wrestling comeback happening on Backstage with a fraction of the viewers that WWE’s shows draw. Rather than holding out on a big appearance on WWE TV, he drew an above average rating for his first appearance on Backstage but there were no more big ratings jumps after that first week.

In wrestling the old saying is “never say never” but right now, there is said to be no interest in Punk.

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