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CM Punk's latest move adds fuel to WWE rumors

CM Punk

There are more signs that point to CM Punk being affiliated with WWE again.

Last week, the @fightoracle Twitter account reported that Punk signed the deal with Fox Sports that would bring him on board to be a part of the WWE Backstage studio show that debuts in a few weeks. Punk has acknowledged that he has had talks with the people at FOX but has also said that he has not talked with people in WWE management.

Essentially, if he is indeed signed for WWE Backstage, then he would be talking about the WWE product but he would be working for FOX and not WWE.

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At some point this week, Punk's merchandise was pulled from the Pro Wrestling Tees store. As of this writing, the only thing listed on the PWT store is a "CM Punk Sucks" t-shirt.

That doesn't necessarily confirm anything but it's a strong indication that he's signed some sort of a deal. It's unclear if FOX would require him to pull his merchandise from Pro Wrestling Tees. Usually, WWE will require wrestlers to pull merchandise from sites like PWT but we haven't heard anything about Punk signing a deal with WWE.

Whatever the case is with Punk, we should know more soon because WWE Backstage is set to debut on Tuesday, November 5 and commercials for that show should start airing soon.

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