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CM Punk's unique position for UFC 225 could be a blessing and a curse

CM Punk's exit from the world of pro wrestling surprised a lot of people and many more were on the edge of their seat waiting to see what he would do next. The 2-part Art Of Wrestling podcast which Punk just rid himself of in a legal-sense provided an unfiltered look into his character and sparked a massive lawsuit. But now that he is past his trial with Dr. Chris Amann, it's back to business as usual for Chick Magnet Punk.

It's just terrible timing for The Second City Savior because as this legal battle was getting underway the former WWE Champion needed to be buckling down his training for his upcoming fight against Mike Jackson. The trial's timing is somewhat of a very strange coincidence for Punk being so close to his next fight but that's another story.

The fact is with CM Punk losing in such definitive fashion to Mickey Gall put him in a strange place with UFC. He's an incredible entertainer and people love him but losing so quickly could have cost Punk's name a considerable amount of value in the MMA world. Therefore he might only get one more shot to prove himself to the UFC fans and establish himself as more than just a pro wrestler who went to MMA. He's been taking this goal seriously and training as much as he can. But there are only 24 hours in any given day, especially when you're in the middle of a multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit.

Punk was working hard before and after the trial every day. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how CM Punk was doing wind sprints before the trial and then sparring afterward. But he had to relocate his training location to Chicago from Milwaukee and that kind of thing could throw a huge monkey wrench in anyone's training regiment.

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CM Punk has a fight coming up on Saturday against Mike Jackson no matter what and hopefully, it turns out well. For all we know CM Punk is bottling up all of his aggression from that trial and he will unleash them inside the Octagon. This would be an excellent way for him to turn this situation around to his ultimate benefit.

There is also good news for him because he made weight so he will have no trouble fighting in his class and won't have to put himself through any agonizing weight cutting measures. But unfortunately, things might not be so clean cut in this situation.

F4WOnline reported CM Punk elected not to train at the UFC open workouts this week. But the reason he gave for not attending was somewhat concerning because he stated anxiety was the issue. Coming off of a court case like the one he just endured has to take a lot out of someone regardless of whether they win or not.

Therefore it looks like CM Punk is still giving it his all because that has never changed concerning him as his attitude and work ethic are incredible once he puts his mind to something. This trait can be a blessing and a curse because CM Punk is going to do something when he decides to do it no matter how much it mentally and physically exhausts him.

CM Punk says winning a UFC fight would be a bigger deal to him than winning a WrestleMania main event and at this point that should illustrate how determined he is to get this accomplished. Let's just hope the weight of the last four years' legal woes culminating as he needed to remain focused on UFC 225 didn't get the best of The Best In The World.