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CM Punk/TNA update; Major network wanted Punk to host a reality show

This week Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer newsletter reported that TNA, through an intermediary that is friends with CM Punk, made a big money offer to try and get Punk into the company. TNA made a similar offer to Alberto Del Rio in August. PWInsider says that they contacted “high level TNA sources” who refuted the report and say that there is not truth to the report at all.

The topic came up on the Wrestling Observer forum. Meltzer posted the following:

The other story is obviously true and I didn’t think it was that big a deal since he showed no real interest. Look at common sense. You’re trying to make a TV deal. There is a free agent out there who is one of the biggest stars and you’re denying contact with him? In other words, are you saying you’re an incompetent promotion? It was how many minutes after Del Rio got fired that they tried to get in touch with him? But they didn’t as least try to contact Punk while trying to close a deal?

Meltzer also noted that a major network wanted Punk to be the host of a reality show. Meltzer wrote:

And after Punk left WWE, a major network wanted him to host a reality show. No idea if he’s doing it, but can factually tell you since the guy in charge of the show went through me to get his contact info.

The PWInsider story is laughable in the sense that TNA management (Dixie Carter and John Gaburick) will be quick to deny a story like this if they were turned down and as i’ve noted before, it’s not the first time TNA has denied something that later turned out to be true.


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