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Cody comments on if he will use the ‘Rhodes’ name again

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Cody, in response to a fan who asked if he would use the Rhodes name again, said he is free to use the name but it is his choice to only use his first name.

“I can use it whenever. I will not be using it any time in the foreseeable future though…whether that’s w/roh, WWE, njpw, anywhere…
I prefer just Cody.”

For whatever it’s worth, WWE owns the “Cody Rhodes” trademark so it would appear that WWE has given their blessing for him to use the name. If not then he would not be able to use the Rhodes name.

Cody has been complimentary towards WWE whenever he’s been asked about the time he spent there. In fact, he and The Young Bucks were careful not to promote the anti-WWE sentiment on the All In show. Cody will be a free agent as of January 1st, where he will be free to sign with WWE or any other wrestling promotion.

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