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Cody Rhodes addresses speculation on CM Punk being involved with All In

The folks at recently had the chance to interview Cody Rhodes a couple of weeks ago while backstage at the All In press conference at the Pro Wrestling Tees store in Chicago.

Among several topics, CM Punk’s name was brought up. Since the All In show will take place in Chicago and because The Young Bucks are friends with Punk, that has lead to a lot of speculation from fans. Is Punk All In for a match or a special appearance?

Rhodes will not confirm or deny anything but he admitted that his name has come up during the planning for the show and he had great things to say about his interactions with Punk. Rhodes said, “I had a really great relationship with Punk. When I came to OVW, he was the locker room leader and he was super cool to me and he probably shouldn’t have been. He had worked for 10 years and was in developmental.”

Rhodes continued, “He was really nice to me and you never forget that. We want him to win his fight.” Rhodes said that he wants to go to Punk’s fight at UFC 225 in Chicago. He also stressed that they wanted to sell 10,000 tickets without cheating (ie. ensuring a sell out by announcing a major name).

Rhodes continued, “If Punk wants to be a part of it, of course, he is unbelievably welcome. His city has and the wrestling world never ever has given up on Punk. That’s to speak to the body of work and equity he had with them.”

I should add that Punk was said to be backstage at the All In press conference so Punk could have been standing a few feet away in a separate room when all of this was being said. Click here for more on why Punk was backstage at the All In press conference. Also, if you want to know why Vince Russo is banned from All In then click here to read more.

You can see the full interview below (the Punk talk starts at 9:30).


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